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Supra Lockbox Update

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Attention Members:

Due to an increase in Supra’s shipping and handling expenses, the cost to lease a Supra BT/LE Lockbox is now $105.00 plus tax.  As always, all Supra BT/LE Lockboxes are covered under a lifetime warranty and can be replaced for any reason other than loss or theft.  Please be mindful of where you attach Lockboxes at a property.  It is recommended that you always attach the Lockbox to something on the porch such as a door knob or chain to prevent someone from taking the Lockbox off the property.  The cost to replace a stolen Lockbox is the same as the lease fee, $105.00 plus tax.  We also want to remind everyone that all Supra Lockboxes are leased and not owned.  The $105.00 plus tax fee you are paying is to lease the box it is not a purchase.  Should you cancel your membership with GSBOR, any equipment previously leased to you such as ActiveKeys (keypads) and Lockboxes must be returned to the Board office at the time of cancellation.

Lockboxes are available at the GSBOR office any time between MondayFriday, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm!

Thank you!


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