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  1. Board dues
  2. MLS fees
  3. Equipment fees (lockbox and key)

Dues Calculator

Agents cannot cancel membership without written instruction from the broker. Your broker will need to send an email to [email protected] and include a copy of the MREC form or written instruction to cancel.

There is not an option to put a membership on hold. You can only join or cancel your membership.

Your broker will need to submit a copy of the MREC license change form to the Board AFTER it has been sent certified mail to MREC. MREC will charge a $50.00 license change fee that will need to accompany the license. The Board also charges a $50.00 transfer fee to update all your member/MLS records. Please make sure to notify the board of additional contact information changes such as name, address, phone or email address.

Update Information 

You can pay your dues online through the “pay bill” option. Please note: Payments must BE MADE by January 31st to avoid the $50.00 late fee.

Renewal invoices are posted online to your GSBOR account. The first notice will go out in mid-December. Dues are payable as of January 1st and late as of February 1st.

    1. You will need to request an Admin Application by emailing [email protected].
    2. The application requires a broker signature.
    3. There is a monthly MLS Admin fee of $25.00 each month.

Teams are created under the direction of your Designated Broker and do not factor into Board membership. This means there is not a “team” membership option; it is only on an individual basis.

No, sharing of any login credentials between members is strictly prohibited.

No, there are no refunds on Board dues and application fees.


Go to  Your username is ‘somo.’  followed by your NRDS number.  For example: somo.512001122.

You are not able to copy and paste your login, it must be typed.

There is a Forgot My Password link below the login button.

If you are experiencing an error message, delete your browser history, cache, cookies, etc. in your browser, then restart the browser and try again to login.

The password is the same as your desktop login, with the exception that the app requires the password to be case-sensitive.  Make sure you capitalize if necessary.

Only MLS staff can correct these once the listing is published. You must submit an email to [email protected] with the signed contract showing the original or corrected date/price. The price or date and Days on Market will be corrected within 48 hours.

Only MLS staff can make changes to a listing that has already been Closed. If corrections are needed, send supporting documentation in an email request to [email protected]. Corrections will be made within 48 hours.

Send a copy of the contract and settlement statement to [email protected], and include the MLS #. MLS staff will make the correction within 48 hours.

Send a copy of the signed contract to [email protected], and include the MLS #. MLS staff will make the correction within 48 hours.

Send an email to [email protected] containing a copy of the completed M125 form with both Buyer’s and Seller’s signatures, or copy of the contract if the non-disclosure statement was written in.

Send a copy of the signed contract, the settlement statement, and the Authorization to Show contract to [email protected], and include the MLS #. MLS staff will make the correction within 48 hours.

Send verification of the Subdivision Name, City, etc. and County where it’s located to [email protected]. Can be County Assessor’s records, CRS Data sheet, copy of Plat, etc. Programming usually takes 24-48 hours to complete.

Listings belong to the broker. If the listing will transfer with you to a new office, send a completed copy of the M125 form to [email protected]. Both the Owner(s) and previous Broker’s signatures are required. MLS Staff will then transfer the listings to the new office on your behalf.

SOMO MLS emails the fine info to the email in your Flex profile, and saves a copy in Flex. Go to Menu and select My Violations and/or My Notifications.

If the agent has a listing in mls, click on the Report Violation button, which is located at the top right of the screen in the additional menu dropdown.

If the violation has to do with a lockbox, sign in the yard, advertising on social media, etc. send an email to [email protected] with a photo or screenshot of the violation. 

Please check the MLS RULES before submitting a violation report.

If you need a RETS Data Feed, download and complete the IDX Agreement and submit to [email protected].  If you need a different solution, for example you use Word Press, Flex offers a full array of IDX solutions here

CLICK HERE to view the NAR Clear Cooperation Policy.

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