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Meet Committees

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Our Committees

Affiliate Committee

Chair: Dani Stoddard
Vice Chair: Eric Meruelo

Meetings: Bimonthly-Second Tuesday at 2:00PM in GSBOR Board Room, or as needed

Purpose: To discuss and evaluate the Affiliate role from a strategic perspective in an effort to create value for Affiliate Members as it relates to the GSBOR and Member involvement and/or interaction while supporting GSBOR initiatives, vision, and mission.

Events/Activities: Annual Affiliate Expo for members to meet GSBOR Affiliate members

Awards & Events Committee

Chair: Sara Brodersen
Vice Chair: Mike Brown
Meetings: Monthly-First Wednesday at 2:00PM in GSBOR Board Room, or as needed

Purpose: To publicly recognize association members who have performed outstanding services to the community, and to promote fellowship and bring unity to the GSBOR members through events.

Events/Activities: Annual Awards Celebration, Night at the Ballpark, Pink Party, Annual Christmas Party

Community Outreach Committee

Chair: Tami Smith
Vice Chair: Laura Duckworth

Meetings: Monthly-Second Wednesday at 1:00PM in GSBOR Board Room, or as needed
Provides street cleaning 3 times per year outside of regular meetings

Purpose: Serves as a Member Services and Public Relations Committee. Develops realistic programs and projects that will enforce public awareness and respect for REALTORS®. To promote professionalism and community involvement among REALTORS® and foster ideas for both involvement and grant presentations.

Events/Activities: Volunteer and host drives for local charities, including: Habitat for Humanity, Big Brothers Big Sisters, CASA, Child Advocacy Center, Eden Village, and Ozarks Food Harvest

Economic Development Committee

Chair: Isabelle Walker
Vice Chair: Louie Layton

Meetings: Bimonthly-Second Monday at 2:00PM in GSBOR Board Room, or as needed

Purpose: To build economic and development growth in Springfield and surrounding Regional area through the collaboration of our members and other organizations committed to economic growth in the public and private sector.

Events/Activities: Bimonthly Lunch & Learns with area experts to discuss Economic Development

REALTORS® Helping People (RHP)

President: Kirk Hewitt
Vice President: Todd Thomas
Isabelle Walker

Meetings: Monthly-Third Thursday at 2:00PM in GSBOR Board Room, or as needed

Purpose: To provide emergency and deferred assistance to qualifying low-income, elderly, and chronically disabled homeowners for needed repairs to their properties within the GSBOR service area by organizing and hosting an annual auction to raise funds for Council of Churches-Connections Handyman Services.

Events/Activities: Annual RHP Auction and Expo

Young Professionals Network (YPN)

Chair: Blake Cook
Vice Chair: Paulina Najbar

Meetings: Monthly-Third Thursday at 10:30AM in GSBOR Board Room, or as needed

Purpose: To provide opportunities for networking. To help connect professionals that can benefit from each other in a business setting and to build community. To mentor, develop leadership skills, and provide learning opportunities for new members. To provide information to the GSBOR about the needs of young professionals.

Events/Activities: Quarterly networking events to meet other area young professionals

Appraiser Committee

Chair: Linda Long
Vice Chair: Angela Marti
Secretary/Treasurer: Mindy Frealy

Meetings: Bimonthly-Third Friday at 11:00AM in GSBOR Board Room, or as needed

Purpose: To create a good working relationship with area REALTORS® and appraisers. To suggest changes to MLS forms to help appraisers find data without having to disturb REALTORS®. To inform area REALTORS® which appraisers are members of SOMO.

Events/Activities: Appraiser Panel Lunch & Learns providing Q&A with expert appraisers

Education Committee

Chair: Steve Phillips
Vice Chair: Joe Bex

Meetings: Monthly-Third Thursday at 9:00AM in GSBOR Board Room, or as needed

Purpose: To promote awareness of solid education background needed for real estate sales; provide local education programs with quality instructors and support the state’s GRI program, orientation seminars and workshops. Keep current on Fair Housing laws and the Affirmative Marketing Agreement. Encourage REALTOR® Association and REALTOR® members to adopt in letter and in spirit, the Code for Equal Opportunity in Housing and Employment, as adopted by NAR.

Events/Activities: Host continuing education courses throughout the year, as well as Lunch & Learns

Technology Committee

Chair: Brian Jared
Vice Chairs: Ethan Ives

Meetings: As needed in GSBOR Board Room

Purpose: To fulfill requests from the GSBOR Board of Directors.

Other Notes: Limited number of members appointed by the chair, in conjunction with the president.

REALTOR® Political Action Committee (RPAC)

Chair: Angie Mullings
Vice Chair: Liz Lawyer

Meetings: Monthly-Third Tuesday at 2:00PM in GSBOR Board Room, or as needed

Purpose: To determine the amount of eligible RPAC funds to be requested for use in local political campaigns or issues, the individuals to receive funds, and amounts each are to receive. Collect contributions to REALTORS® Political Action Committee from members of GSBOR. Increase membership awareness of RPAC and what is done with funds collected and issues circumvented due to RPAC contributions.

Events/Activities: Annual RPAC Golf Tournament, Annual RPAC Bowling Tournament, Annual RPAC Fall Festival

REALTOR® Party Committee (RPC)

Chair: Brian Jared
Vice Chair: TBA

Meetings: Every other month in GSBOR Board Room, or as needed

Purpose: To promote the interests of the Association, its members, and current or future property owners through support of candidates, issues, and a robust policy platform.

Other Notes: Limited number of members, based on representatives by company, appointed by the chair, in
conjunction with the president.TBA

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