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The following message is from SUPRA, regarding iPhones and the eKey app. If you do not use the eKey phone app on an iPhone or iPad, please disregard the message.

Dear iPhone Supra Keyholder,

Apple will release a new operating system, iOS 13, for iPhones and iPads, on Thursday, September 19. A new version of Supra eKEY app is now available in the Apple app store.
Important! If you have an iPhone, please update your eKEY app to this new version before you update your iPhone or iPad to iOS 13. You will not be able to access keyboxes if you use a previous version of the eKEY app with iOS 13.

To update to the latest version of the eKEY app:
1.      Go to your iPhone or iPad home screen and tap the App Store icon
2.      Tap the Updates icon in the bottom right of the screen
3.      Scroll to locate the eKEY app and select Update or select Update All at the top of the screen to update all of your apps.

If you have any questions, please see the attached instructions or call the Supra support number, 877.699.6787. 


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