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“Hi, my name is Jessica Hickok and I am the Association Executive with the GREATER <emphasis added> Springfield Board of Realtors” is how I unintentionally introduced myself at a recent community event. The inquisitive faces in the group lit up with anticipation of hearing about what made us GREATER. That is when it hit me…. WE REALLY ARE GREATER.

GREATER than what? You name it. Born is an unofficial mission to be GREATER than whatever we are taking on at the time and every awesome thing we have done in these past few years is going to be GREATER than ever. Of course it goes without saying that even the tough lessons we have learned over the years has pushed us to be GREATER. Now our members are GREATER, our market is GREATER, our brokers are GREATER, our building is GREATER, our programs, events, and education are GREATER, and our board leadership team is GREATER. We are the GREATER Springfield Board of REALTORS®.

To add more GREATER, I have recently hired a few super dynamic people to our team that will continue to make us GREATER. Barth Fraker joins the management team as our Public/Governmental Affairs Director. His extensive community experience and governmental advocacy work will plug our members into the right places where they can shine in giving back to our communities, while also building their real estate business. In addition, Shannon McCoy has been on staff for just over six weeks now as Professional Development Director. Her experience with building people to be better… I mean GREATER… is ideal for developing our education department. Then add Aspen Gilley, who is starting next week as an Executive Assistant, reporting directly to me and then rounding out the new staff crew is Rachel Lambert, who is the friendly face you see at the front desk answering the phones. Both Aspen and Rachel have strong organizational skills that will smooth out the day-to-day activities, phone calls, support tickets and mass amount of scheduling that takes place at our board office. Add these new people to our current team of awesome, and we will show you that even the staff at our association is GREATER!

All of that to say, GSBOR doesn’t just serve the GREATER Springfield area in being the voice of real estate. We are GREATER all around and I implore you to be part of the GREATER membership or call one of our GREATER REALTORS®. In today’s digital age, I encourage you with a hashtag…. Go #beGREATER. Because we are the GREATER <emphasis added> Springfield Board of REALTORS®.

Call it cheesy, but admit it… You want GREATER and want to #beGREATER.

Jessica Hickok, GRI RCE
Association Executive
[email protected]


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As a service organization, GSBOR looks to provide the nebulous, often intangible, yet invaluable commodity of service to REALTORS® in the Springfield area.

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