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2018 4th Quarter New Members and Transfers

Click to see the list of new members and transfers for 2018 Q4!

We would like to welcome our newest members to GSBOR!

October 2018 New Members

Rhonda Kelly – Exclusive Realty

Chala Baker – Keller Williams

Nathan Francis – Keller Williams

Leah McBride – Keller Williams

Paul Morgan – Keller Williams

Liliana Owen – Keller Williams

Lulu Saige – Keller Williams

Sheila Wiley – Keller Williams

Lonny Williams – Keller WIlliams

Brooke Evans – Murney Associates

Jennifer Fortin – Murney Associates

Lysonda Gage – Murney Associates

Daniel Tenney – Murney Associates

Todd Wiesehan – Murney Associates

Glen Elledge – Professional Real Estate Group

Inderpal Bains – ReeceNichols

Erik Pedersen – ReeceNichols

Dallas Ross – ReeceNichols

Michael Sullivan – ReeceNichols

Douglas Hervey – Show Me Ozarks Real Estate, LLC

Madison Wise – Smith Realty

Melissa Brown – Southern Missouri Real Estate, LLC

October 2018 New Affiliate Members

Christina Ferrante – 417 Home Loans (A Division of Flat Branch)

Michael Rodhouse – 417 Rekey

Adam McGrath – Liberty Mutual Insurance

Rob Akers – State Farm

November 2018 New Members

Noelia Guzman – Coldwell Banker, Vanguard

Connie Walker – Complete Realty Sales & Management

Gina Freeman – Complete Realty Sales & Management

Jennifer Stracke – Franklin, REALTORS®

Allie Ford – Greater Springfield, LLC

Douglas Watson – Home Team Property

Randall Ames – HouseKey Real Estate

Jennifer Hardy – Jennifer Hardy

Kayla Budke – Keller Williams

Amber Eftink – Keller Williams

Jason Gann – Keller Williams

Meghan Veach – Lansdale Realty

Shannon Floyd – More-Land Realty

Patricia Dittmer – Murney Associates

Leigh Ann Hale – Murney Associates

Eric Hambey – Murney Associates

David Pudik – Murney Associates

Alexis O’Reilly-Havens – The Realty.Group LLC

Lori Casagrand – ReeceNichols

Elizabeth Gold – ReeceNichols

Brett Loethen – ReeceNichols

Christopher Parks – ReeceNichols

Gary Greene – Sho-Me Real Estate, LLC

Levie Watterson – Sho-Me Real Estate, LLC

Meaghan Wills – Smith Realty

Robert Hooten – Southern Missouri Real Estate

Marci Hinnen – Southwest Missouri Realty

Nicholas Berry – TurnKey Real Estate Sales and Management

Garrett Rudy – TurnKey Real Estate Sales and Management

November 2018 New Affiliate Members

Terry Kent – Dwell Imaging

December 2018 New Members

Ron Peabody – Better Homes & Gardens SW Group

Eric Anderson – Carmichael Realty Inc

Jeffrey Bettendorf – EXP Realty LLC

Robert Lewsader – Glenworth Realty Company

Ryan Estes – Home Team Property LLC

Jarid Lesmeister – JNM Realty Group

Sandra Carney – Keller Williams

Robert Greenside – Keller Williams

George Jacobs – Keller Williams

Johnny Roe – Keller Williams

Denver Tindell – Keller Williams

Jose Uoa – Keller Williams

Heidi Bleil – Keller Williams Realty Partner

Randall Vanderpool – Keller Williams Realty Partner

Colton Witt – Michelle Lewis & Associates

Laura Skiles – The Realty.Group LLC

Ashley Tidwell – ReeceNichols-Nixa

Bryan Jones – Sho-Me Real Estate

Ana-Lisa Traulsen – Southwest Missouri Realty

Brandy Anderson – Stockton Lake Properties

Braedon Fabian – SVN/Rankin Company

Stacy Mecey – Team Ozarks Realty

We would also like to announce the following office transfers.

October 2018 Transfers

June Ivanov – Keller Williams to Albers Real Estate Group

Sharon Anderson – ReeceNichols to Better Homes & Gardens SW Group

James McDonald – Keller Williams to EXP Realty, LLC

Erik Kean – ReeceNichols to EXP Realty, LLC

Guy Callaway – Massengale Group of Keller Williams to Keller Williams

Kimberly Mooneyham – Team Real Estate Springfield, LLC to Keller Williams

Laura Mitchell – Keller Williams to Murney Associates

Gabe Herndon – The Crutcher Real Estate Group to ReeceNichols

Lauren Brooke – ReeceNichols-Spfd to ReeceNichols-Rogersville

JR Hutcheson – ReeceNichols-Spfd to ReeceNichols-Rogersville

Vicki Hutcheson – ReeceNichols-Spfd to ReeceNichols-Rogersville

Abby Lea – ReeceNichols-Spfd to ReeceNichols-Rogersville

Jacob Simon – ReeceNichols-Spfd to ReeceNichols-Rogersville

Brittany Haik – Keller Williams to Smith Realty

Chrysta Forrest – Keller Williams to Smith Realty

November 2018 Transfers

Drew Mulder – Coldwell Banker, Vanguard to Agent Mulder Real Estate, LLC

Melissa Young – Keller Williams to Albers Real Estate Group

Terry Cunningham – Franklin, REALTORS® to Better Homes & Gardens SW Group

Travis Sly – Murney Associates to Better Homes & Gardens SW Group

Terry Kent – Greater Springfield, LLC to Dwell Imaging

Marin Cooney – Keller Williams to EXP Realty, LLC

Kyle Dowell – Keller Williams to EXP Realty, LLC

Ali Harrington – Keller Williams to EXP Realty, LLC

Alison Sawyer – Keller Williams to EXP Realty, LLC

Rhonda Little – Home Team Property to Keller Williams

Dustin Kelso – Assist 2 Sell to Professional Real Estate Group

Angela Filtingberger – Re/Max House of Brokers to Old World Realty

Carman Curl – Neiweem & Anthony to Re/Max House of Brokers

Linda Cavanaugh – Murney Associates to Team Real Estate

November 2018 Affiliate Transfers

Josh Ganson – CMG Financial to Liberty Mutual

Eric Meruelo – CMG Financial to Central Bank of the Ozarks

December 2018 Transfers

Anthony Carroll – Keller Williams to EXP Realty, LLC

Sharyn Dawson – Keller Williams to EXP Realty, LLC

Gary Jensen – Keller Williams to EXP Realty, LLC

Will Grant II – Keller Williams to Greater Springfield, LLC

Courtney Boykin – ReeceNichols to HouseKey Real Estate

Alphonse Grabo – Thompson Realty to HouseKey Real Estate

Jacqueline Bowman – John Bowman, REALTORS® to Keller Williams

Brent Cantrell – Murney Associates to Keller Williams

Brad Champion – Re/Max Solutions to Keller Williams

Robert Luck – ReeceNichols to Keller Williams

Lisa Snitker – Botts Enterprises LLC to Lisa Snitker Real Estate

Bernadean McAfee – Old World Realty to McAfee Real Estate Group, LLC

Harry Chalfant – Murney-Branson to Murney-Primrose

Donna Brown- HOB Realty to OneSource Realty, LLC

Brandon Kent Payne – Greater Springfield LLC to Prime Real Estate Services

Thomas Duka – Murney Associates to Realty Executives by Realty Choice

Cara Nordin – Keller Williams to ReeceNichols

Randy Cassidy – Murney Associates to ReeceNichols

Sarah J. Harden – Murney Associates-Seymour to Sho-Me Real Estate

James Eastin – Keller Williams to Team Ozarks Realty

Laura Leclair – Keller Williams to Team Ozarks Realty


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