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2018 3rd Quarter New Members and Transfers

Click to see the list of new members and transfers for 2018 Q3!

We would like to welcome our newest members to GSBOR!

July 2018 New Members

Dustin Robinson – Arkin Realty Services

Rebeca Pottebaum – HOB Realty

Kaitlin Barnes – Keller WIlliams

Curtis Cole – Keller Williams

Laura Erwin – Keller Williams

Nicholas Humiston – Keller Williams

Ofer Katz – Keller Williams

Michael Mayo – Keller Williams

Katie Viknyanskiy – Keller Williams

Charles Alexander – Murney Associates

Shelby Gildehaus – Murney Associates

Jeffrey Hubert – Murney Associates

Brandi Lawson – Murney Associates

Esther Swanson – Murney Associates

Carol Wolfe – Murney Associates

Donnie Lowman – Neiweem & Anthony Realty LLC

Tristin Jackson – Professional Real Estate Group LLC

Lisa Sharkey – Realty Source

Cathryn Calia – ReeceNichols

Kyle Goodman – ReeceNichols

Melisa Vunovic – ReeceNichols

Jerry Blevins – Show Me Ozarks Real Estate, LLC

Kathryn Cole – Springfield Branson Realty

Jack Buckner – W4, LLC

July 2018 New Affiliate Members

Cade Nixon – A-Pro Home Inspection Services

Jeff Allen – Breezy Moving

Garrett Dollins – Great American Title

Carly Schmickle – Midwest DroneWorks

Bart Pinkerton – New American Funding

Melody Adams – NRL Mortgage

Becki Davis – Terracon

August 2018 New Members

Ronald Peabody – Better Homes & Gardens SW Group

Julie Gillogly – Century 21 Integrity Group

Lacey Peterson – Century 21 Peterson Real Estate

Louie Michael Bunch, Jr – The Firm Real Estate, LLC

Cynthia Chiu-Pinheiro – HOB Realty

Mark Johnson – HOB Realty

Zach Dinwiddie – HouseKey Flat Fee Realty

Michael Butts – Keller Williams

April Coring – Keller Williams

Sarah Graham – Keller Williams

Sheila Johnson – Keller Williams

Shannon Lathrop – Keller Williams

Alison Sawyer – Keller Williams

Jenifer Smith – Keller Williams

Bridget Wallace – Keller Williams

Kelsey Watters – Keller Williams

Nichole Sorrell – Massengale Group KW

Mathew Mauk – Michelle Lewis & Associates, LLC

Bruce Harp – Murney Associates

Glen R. Robertson – Murney Associates

Summer Skinner – Murney Associates

Travis Sly – Murney Associates

Jason Shepherd – Professional Real Estate Group

Nicole Edwards – ReeceNichols

Susan Mannecke – ReeceNichols

Amber Pedersen – ReeceNichols

James Pollack – ReeceNichols

Dwight Rinker – ReeceNichols

Kristi Rupp – ReeceNichols

Veronica Tomanek – ReeceNichols

Blake Woolman – ReeceNichols

Buddy Irby – Sho-Me Real Estate, LLC

Jim Edwards – Smith Realty

Jodie Cargill – Stockton Lake Properties, LLC

Lee Waters – TurnKey Real Estate Sales and Management

August 2018 New Affiliate Members

Amy Casada – Aerobotics LLC

Brandi Watkins – CUTCO Closing Gifts

Ruth Shirk – Great Southern Bank

Meagan Cook – National Inspection, LLC

September 2018 New Members

Amanda Phillips – Battlecreek Properties Inc.

Kimberly Young – Better Homes & Gardens SW Group

Jani Bryson – EXP Realty LLC

Kelly Garrett – EXP Realty LLC

Whitney Meddaugh – EXP Realty LLC

Brant Vaught – EXP Realty LLC

Kelly Allison – Keller Williams

Kevin Ankrom – Keller Williams

Matthew Baker – Keller Williams

Cory Brockert – Keller Williams

James Eastin – Keller Williams

Karrie Ford – Keller Williams

Linda Hufft – Keller Williams

Paul Kinney – Keller Williams

Andrew Koehn – Keller Williams

Dakota Mainprize – Keller Williams

Gloria Meller – Keller Williams

Molly Thornhill – Keller Williams

Scotty Wade – Keller Williams

Chelsea Wolf – Massengale Group KW

Shannon Buckmaster – Murney Associates

Katherine Byrd – Murney Associates

Jennifer Covell – Murney Associates

Jennifer Cox – Murney Associates

Kandi Epling – Murney Associates

Becky Hosp – Murney Associates

Amanda Hammett – Neiweem & Anthony Realty LLC

Sean O’Connell – Neiweem & Anthony Realty LLC

Dakota Crouch – ReeceNichols

Michelle Herschend – ReeceNichols

Melissa Johnson – Team Real Estate Springfield

Jason Bates – Tom Kissee Real Estate

September 2018 New Affiliate Members

Jonny Jeppsen – Equity Restoration

Brett Peterman – Jones & Company Insurors

We would also like to announce the following office transfers.

July 2018 Transfers

Blake Cook – Murney Associates to Century 21 Integrity Group

Clete Crutcher – Keller Williams to Crutcher Real Estate Group, LLC

Jake Crutcher – Keller Williams to Crutcher Real Estate Group, LLC

Gabe Herndon – Keller Williams to Crutcher Real Estate Group, LLC

Shannon Johnson Murphy – Keller Williams to Crutcher Real Estate Group, LLC

Courtney Koehn – Keller Williams to Crutcher Real Estate Group, LLC

Matthew Ruck – Keller Williams to Crutcher Real Estate Group, LLC

Jaclyn Durbin – Murney Associates to Keller Williams

Bryan Miller – Murney Associates to Keller Williams

Amy Molea – Murney Associates to Keller Williams

Cara Nordin – Murney Associates to Keller Williams

Kevin Kostad Southwest Missouri Realty to Keller Williams

Donna Lansdale – Team Real Estate Springfield to Lansdale Realty, LLC

dawn Angel Brewer – Keller Williams to Neiweem & Anthony Realty, LLC

Amanda LaRue – Keller Williams to OneSource Realty

Tom Royal – Keller Williams to Smith Realty

Cory Smith – Keller Williams to Smith Realty

April Haynes – HOB Realty to Professional Real Estate Group, LLC

August 2018 Transfers

Rocky Wiltermuth – Keller Williams to Century 21 Performance Realty

Glenn A. Sarber – Better Homes & Gardens SW Group to Crutcher Real Estate Group

Regina Sarber – Better Homes & Gardens SW Group to Crutcher Real Estate Group

James Bartley – Arkin Realty Services to Keller Williams

Leslie Hopps – Better Homes & Gardens SW Group to Keller Williams

Chelsea Metcalf – Coldwell Banker to Keller Williams

Deidra Johnson – Sunshine, REALTORS® to Keller Williams

Sonya Haworth – Condwell Banker, Vanguard to Michelle Lewis and Associates

Dean Lowe – ReeceNichols to Murney Associates

Antonio Serrano – ReeceNichols to Murney Associates

Christy Serrano – ReeceNichols to Murney Associates

Tonya Jenkins – Murney Assoicates to Neiweem & Anthony Realty LLC

Pamela Schroeder – Southwest Missouri Realty to ReeceNichols

September 2018 Transfers

Stephanie Williams – Murney Associates to Century 21 Integrity Group

Cathy Bonham – Keller Williams to EXP Realty LLC

Rebecca Pottebaum – HOB Realty to Keller Williams

Duane Van Horn – Shirley Franklin REALTORS® to Keller Williams

Chelsea Wolf – Keller Williams to Massengale Group KW

David Brown – ReeceNichols to Murney Associates

Jody Ross – ReeceNichols to Murney Associates

Sharon Anderson – HOB Realty to ReeceNichols


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