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Lockbox Reminder Notice

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You are responsible for maintaining your lockbox inventory and reporting any changes to GSBOR.

Lockboxes are leased property to you and upon entrance of your membership,
you signed a lease agreement for lockboxes and keys with GSBOR.
If you get out of the business, you must return all lockbox and key equipment.

In order to lease a lockbox, you must have a Supra key and a key holder agreement on file with GSBOR. This was completed with your membership and if you would like to receive an e-mailed copy, contact the board office at (417) 883-1226 or send an e-mail to [email protected].

• You can assign this lockbox to any of your listings.

• You can run showing reports and set up e-mail notifications through SupraNet or via the app on your phone. (Call the board office or Supra for support on how to do this, if needed.)

• Give lockbox CBS code to an affiliate keyholder.

• You can “sub-lease” this lockbox to another agent, but you must obtain written authorization from the board for release from your account or you may be subject to lost equipment charges.

• You can place this box on any of your listings that are in the SOMO Regional MLS area. However, please note that not all participating associations have access to Supra lockboxes and keys.

• Policy change: There is no longer a $5.00 administrative fee assessed by GSBOR for coordinating the transfer of lockboxes. HOWEVER, you must let us know of any changes to your inventory. This can be done  by sending an e-mail to [email protected].

Protect the box! Be sure to securely fasten the box to something sturdy (doorknob, post, fence, etc.) to ensure that the box does not get stolen or damaged. Do not set or leave a lockbox on a front porch not secured. Stolen lockbox replacements are $105/each plus tax.

Affiliate Key Holders—

Affiliates who have a lockbox key must be an affiliate member of GSBOR. Affiliate keys are programmed differently than the REALTOR® keys and they cannot access any lockboxes without a CBS Code (Call Before Showing). To obtain a CBS code, the affiliate keyholder must call the listing agent that leases the box. The GSBOR office will not give out CBS codes to affiliates, only to the listing agent that leases the box.

FAQ’s Answers

• Lockboxes and keys are leased equipment and you may not transfer the box without notifying GSBOR staff.

• You do not need to have an internet or cellular connection to open the boxes. This works off of Bluetooth technology, not cellular technology. You will need a cellular connection to update the key (or app on your phone) and we suggest updating your app every morning before heading out to show property.

• Both your lockbox and key are leased equipment and you do not own them. The only thing you own is the key fob adapter (that you plug into your phone or hang on your keychain) to use for the eKey app.

• Keep your fob! The fob you purchased with the old the lockbox system will still work if you come across a Supra iBox that does not have Bluetooth capabilities. Keep it in the glove box of your car and hold on to it.

• The Tri-Lakes (Branson) boxes are now Bluetooth enabled and we have a cooperating agreement with TLBOR that our boxes work with theirs. Please keep common courtesy in mind and notify the listing agent if you show their property.

• The Bluetooth compatible boxes will say “Supra iBox BT LE”—“LE” stands for “Low Energy” and uses technology that does not require a lot of energy, saving battery life.

• Again, you do not own this lockbox, you have signed a lease agreement. Any equipment changes must be registered with GSBOR. You will be responsible for returning any unused equipment in your name, or you may be subject to lost equipment charges.

• If you have a damaged, stolen or lost box, please contact the GSBOR office ASAP.

• If you have any further questions, contact GSBOR at (417) 883-1226 or via e-mail to [email protected]. Supra Support phone number is (877) 699-6787.


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