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Detail On Listing Photos

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Section 1.2.1 Detail on Listing Photos

a. At least one (1) photo, drawing or rendition of the property shall be included at the time the listing is input. with the exception that the seller has directed, in writing, these to be withheld from the MLS.
b. Agents are required to upload a primary photo of the exterior front of the property on all new listings. The primary photo must be an actual photo of the listed property, or an artist rendering of the listed property or environs.
c. Vacant land listings are required to have a photo, graphic representations, and/or subdivision amenities in the MLS.
d. Sellers of properties listed in MLS have the ability to direct that photographs or other graphic representations of the property be withheld from the MLS compilation.
e. Staff may enforce the copyright and ownership of photos in the MLS that are owned by the original listing agent by removing the photo(s) in violation. Participants may not use photos taken by another agent without specific written authorization.


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