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2018 2nd Quarter New Members and Transfers

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We would like to welcome our newest members to GSBOR!

April 2018 New Members

Marla Roberts – Century 21 Peterson Real Estate

Sterling Roberts – Century 21 Peterson Real Estate

Clay McGee – Coldwell Banker Vanguard

Dianne Pliley – Coldwell Banker Vanguard

Melinda Wulf – Douglas Anderson

Jessica Martin – Gault & Co. Realty, LLC

Julia Strong – Gault & Co. Realty, LLC

Ashley Garoutte – The Firm Real Estate, LLC

Skyler Roberts – The Firm Real Estate, LLC

Nate Sallie – Hancock Company, LLC

Stacie Gathercole – HouseKey Flat Fee Realty

Julie Highley – Keller Williams

Laura Mitchell – Keller Williams

Brittney Morton – Keller Williams

Anita Oaks – Keller Williams

Christopher Petrie – Keller Williams

Ryan Sarabia – Keller Williams

Elizabeth Sherwood – Keller Williams

Angela Wahner – Keller Williams

Mike Zhang – MSRG Real Estate Group

Robert Brown – Murney Associates

David Carmichael – Murney Associates

Randy Cassidy – Murney Associates

Brent Cates – Murney Associates

Brenda Clevenger – Murney Associates

Tracie Kluesner – Murney Associates

Anna Mathis – Murney Associates

Lynette Robertson – Murney Associates

Jan Sarff – Murney Associates

Rosalyn Shelton – Murney Associates

Paula Silverest – Murney Associates

Angela Smith – Murney Associates

Allen Werner – Murney Associates

Joel Farris – Nai Enterprise

David Toth – Neiweem & Anthony Realty, LLC

Justin Larson – O’Reilly Development

Natika Rosetti – O’Reilly Development

Donna Butler – Old World Realty

Veronica Cummins – ReeseNichols

Ginny O’Neal – ReeseNichols

Roy Washburn – ReeseNichols

Teresa Aust – ReeseNichols Mt. Vernon

Kim Mooneyham – Team Real Estate

April 2018 New Affiliate Members

Clifton Wise – Eagle Point Inspection, LLC

Kenneth Stanford – Lighthouse Reflections Photography

Karen Smith – NewsLeader

May 2018 New Members

James Bartely – Arkin Realty Service

Michael Bowman – Assist 2 Sell

Rose Eskridge – Century 21 Integrity Group

Ashley Brown – Century 21 Peterson Real Estate

Ursula Dismang – HouseKey Flat Fee Realty

Amy Frazier – Jones Properties

Naedrie Bonucchi – Keller Williams

Cody Costello – Keller Williams

Steve Cox – Keller Williams

Adam Edmonds – Keller Williams

William Grant – Keller Williams

Daniel Hoppman – Keller Williams

Vanessa Kimery – Keller Williams

William Mace – Keller Williams

Amanda Martin – Keller Williams

James McDonald – Keller Williams

Celine Reeves – Keller Williams

Lisa Woody – More-Land Realty, LLC

Tonya Jenkins – Murney Associates

Nancy Lawler – Murney Associates

Fred Partenheimer – Murney Associates

Aaron Skaggs – Murney Associates

Thomas Spitzley – Murney Associates

Erin Verrone – Murney Associates

Carman Curl -Neiweem & Anthony Realty, LLC

Robert Hardy -Neiweem & Anthony Realty, LLC

Sheila Gray – ReeseNichols

Sangyeal Lee – ReeseNichols

Frank Lessmann – ReeseNichols

Jessica Lessmann – ReeseNichols

Jim Johnson – Springfield Branson Realty, LLC

May 2018 New Affiliate Members

Jason Cook – Total Home Analysis

June 2018 New Members

Heather Capps – C R Realty

Lila Woollums – Coldwell Banker Show-Me Properties

Sonya Haworth – Coldwell Banker Vanguard

Colton Knight – Estes Stancer

LeeAnn Camey – Greater Springfield, LLC

Sherlyn Mullins – Greater Springfield, LLC

Hannah Textor – Hannah Textor Brokerage, LLC

Matthew Abbey – Home Team Property

Scott Pursselley – Keller Williams

Wes Roberts – Keller Williams

Brooke Stanley – Keller Williams

Karen Massengale – Massengale Group KW

Emily Blink – Murney Associates

Monica Cantrell – Murney Associates

Blake Cook – Murney Associates

Travis McCormack – Murney Associates

Russell Robinson – Murney Associates

Christina Shaddox -Neiweem & Anthony Realty, LLC

Michael Scott – NextHome SoMo Life

Gary Franks – RE/MAX House of Brokers

Kody Gideon – ReeseNichols

Herman Morris, IV – Springfield Branson Realty, LLC

John Ching – Sunshine, REALTORS®

Deidra Johnson – Sunshine REALTORS®

Debra Brady – Team Real Estate Springfield

Joseph Barbagiovanni – W4, LLC

June 2018 New Affiliate Members

Wesley Smith – Coltrane Inspection and Handyman, LLC

Todd Johnson – Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

We would also like to announce the following office transfers.

April 2018 Transfers

Sean Jackson – C R Realty to Gault & Co. Realty, LLC

Thomas Rhoten – C R Realty to Gault & Co. Realty, LLC

Shannon Reed – Keller Williams to Jones Properties

Stephen Riggs – Massengale Group KW to Keller Williams-Spfd

Ella Harris – Better Homes & Gardens to Michelle Lewis & Associates

Dorothy Kendrick – Keller Williams to Murney Associates

Jennifer Laney – Keller Williams to Murney Associates

Christopher Johnson – Keller Williams to Professional Real Estate Group, LLC

Jeff Taylor – Keller Williams to The Realty.Group, LLC

May 2018 Transfers

Lindsey Snider – A-List Properties to Elite Properties

Pam Gardner- Massengale Group KW to Keller Williams-Spfd

Dusty Capon – Sho-Me Real Estate to Keller Williams

Ed Cantrell – Keller Williams to Murney Associates

Thomas Duka – Realty Choice to Murney Associates

Benjamin Boling – Shirley Franklin to Murney Associates

Linda Cavanaugh – Team Real Estate Springfield, LLC to Murney Associates

Sarah Watson – Keller Williams to One Source Realty, LLC

Grant Stanley – Keller Williams to Professional Real Estate Group, LLC

Angela Smith – Murney Associate to RE/MAX House of Brokers

May 2018 Affiliate Transfers

Maggie Steele – Hogan Land Title Co. to Gershman Mortgage

June 2018 Transfers

Daniel Mahoney – The Case Company to Clair Land Company

Austin Plummer – Keller Williams to Neiweem & Anthony Realty, LLC

Dana Johnston – Coldwell Banker Vanguard to NextHome SoMo Life

Doneen Kaunley – Coldwell Banker Vanguard to NextHome SoMo Life

Abby Lea – Massengale Group KW to Keller Williams

Tammy Barrett – Sho-Me Real Estate to Keller Williams

Sarah Inman – Murney Associates to Liberty Family Realty, LLC

Mary J. Wilson – Murney Associates to Mary J. Wilson

Brian Findley – Keller Williams to Murney Associates

Samantha Britz – Murney Associates to OneSource Realty, LLC

Dana Ingle – Southwest Missouri Realty to RE/MAX House of Brokers

Angie McCoy – Southwest Missouri Realty to RE/MAX House of Brokers

Abby Lea – Keller Williams to ReeceNichols

Rodney Messenger – Keller Williams to ReeceNichols

Corey Plummer – Keller Williams to ReeceNichols

Troy Smith – Keller Williams to Smith Realty

June 2018 Affiliate Transfers

Alan Noe – Regions Bank to Commerce Bank

Chris Hazen – Reginas Bank to US Bank Home Mortgage


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